Passive Two-Phase Cooling

Unlock your electronics' potential

Empowering the AI and 5G markets, we lead with cutting-edge technology and consulting services for high-power electronics cooling systems. Our solutions drive efficiency, sustainability and reliability, ensuring peak performance in rapidly evolving landscapes.

Naturally, the best solution

Two-phase heat tansfer offers maximum efficiency, ideally suited for high heat flux applications.

No moving part !

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We propose passive solutions to meet your cooling needs, by relying on naturally occuring phenomena.

Animation showing the working principle of Loop-Thermosyphon cooling systems.

Loop Thermosyphon (LTS)

  • Gravity-driven cooling
  • Requires elevation between evaporator and condenser
  • Applications include cooling of servers and racks, batteries, avionics, ...
An animation showing the operation principle of pulsating heat pipes.

Pulsating Heat Pipes (PHP)

  • Self-induced flow by pressure fluctuations in the boiling and condensing zones
  • Can operate in earth, micro and hyper gravity, in any orientation
  • Applications include cooling of portable electronics, batteries, avionics, ...

Interested in compact refrigeration cooling solutions ?

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We also have extensive experience with vapor compression systems

Expansion device
Animation showing the working principle of refrigeration cooling systems.

Refrigeration systems

  • Mechanically-driven cooling
  • Requires electrical input
  • Applications include air (de)humidification, HVAC&R, thermal management / temperature control of electronics

Simulate and optimize before prototyping

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Our in-house simulation tools can save you weeks in product development and reduce testing costs

Test, analyse and validate

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Our laboratory is equipped with instruments and facilities to control and characterize cooling systems, from prototype to final product