Experimental Testing

Icon of a beaker and a ruler. Symbol for the experimental testing and analysis

From IR data acquisition to ambient conditions control, we can perform complete thermal-hydraulic characterization of cooling systems. Sensors’ calibration, test bench automation and control are all performed in-house for maximum reliability.

Available facilities

Thermal-hydraulic testing for both prototyping services and continuous validation and improvement of our simulation tool.
Icon showing natural air flow
Natural convection air cooling
  • Low-power applications (≃100W)
Icon showing forced air flow
Forced convection air cooling
  • Medium-power applications (≃1kW)
Pumped water cooling
  • High-power applications (≃1.5kW)
Pumped two-phase cooling
  • High-power applications (≃1.5kW)

Available equipment

Photo of a cooling system under test
Specialized sensors for thermal-hydraulic system characterization
Infrared image of a heat exchanger
Infrared camera
for R&D applications
A climatic chamber
Climatic chamber for ambient conditions control

Prototype testing (including sensors calibration, test bench control and automation) is done in-house.

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